I'm a wedding photographer based in Dallas who loves to travel. I'm newly married to my lovely wife Kasi who often shoots by my side and helps me keep my head on straight. When I first started getting into photography, I never wanted to shoot weddings. I felt like weddings were overly traditional, predictable and restrictive. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a wedding blog that was the opposite of everything I had thought wedding photography was that I thought about being a wedding photographer. It was non-traditional, not overly-posed and full of feeling and emotion and for the first time I was completely inspired to pursue this as a profession. I started off shooting for friends and friends of friends and eventually started branching out to more couples outside of my circle. At the time I was a musician, graphic designer and real estate agent but as I gradually started shooting more weddings throughout the year I decided to go full time and haven’t looked back. Being a wedding photographer has allowed me to live a lifestyle that lets me travel and spend time with my wife. I’m very happy to say that I’ve been shooting weddings for close to a decade. 

Weddings have a built in narrative and I believe the role of a wedding photographer is to let that story play out naturally. I feel like my photos are a mix of photojournalistic style and natural, organic and occasionally dramatic portraits. Opening files from a new wedding is like seeing what I got for Christmas. I love what I do and I hope to be able to continue doing it for forceable future. 



Here are some quick facts about me:

• I can name more Star Wars characters than major athletes
• I have a steel plate in my hip
• I love traveling
• I love dogs(especially ugly ones)
• I used to play the drums professionally
• I own a banjo(can play one song)
• I once went to Disneyland by myself
• I still play with legos


• Glamour Magazine Paris
• Junebug Weddings
• WeWork
• VRX Studios
• The Knot
• West Elm Dallas
• Art House
• Act./Generation Justice
• Gateway Church



Here are some quick facts about Kasi:

• She can name more Harry Potter characters than major athletes
• She identifies as a Ravenclaw
• She is also a voiceover actor for anime
• She is cripplingly terrified of spiders
• She's an avid reader
• She loves dogs (especially what we lovingly refer to as "smushfaces")
• She has a BFA in Musical Theatre
• Despite her whole wardrobe being black, her favorite color is, as she says, glitter.

What does Kasi do?

Kasi is my my lovely wife, go-to second photographer(if she is available that date) and often helps me run my business and helps me keep track of everything from emails to reminding me to post to Instagram. She also helps cull and proof photos. She is the real brains behind Team Zissou. 


Even in her late 90s, my great grandmother, Laurita, was known for her love of Polaroid photos. For years, she documented her daily life in Polaroids despite being blind in one eye. Her local pharmacy had to make sure they always had enough film since she was constantly depleting their stock. She would capture entire sequences of sunsets, people, bugs, flowers, and anything that caught her eye (her one good eye) or told a story. In one instance she even enjoyed documenting the aftermath of a crime scene outside her apartment building where she interviewed witnesses, police officers, and photographed and documented the blood trail where the suspect had been shot. She was ready to dive in and document whatever came her way, whether it was a shoot out or a flower. Her photos are something that she has left behind that our family is now able to cherish. I love telling this story  because I believe I have inherited my love of photography from her. I love setting up dramatic portraits and attempting to make photos that are visually striking but nothing stands the test of time as much as capturing moments big or small and telling stories that are such sentimental and valuable parts of being alive. 

If you want to know a little more about how I work, have a look at these FAQs  


If you've had a chance to look though my site and feel like I might be the person to document your wedding or to view a full list of rates, send me a message through the tab below. I would love to hear about you and your vision for your wedding.

- Nicholas & Kasi